Beverly Chapman

Beverly with Healing Horses


My name is Beverly. I am half Apache and half German. Since the age of 3, I have been doing all types of healing work. I give credit for what I do to the Creator and my guides, as they tell me during a healing session what is needed. The healing and information come from Creator. I am only a vessel. Experts in Western Medicine and "school trained" healers have confirmed the accuracy of what I am told. Along with learning from my ancestors, Tribal Mother and many Medicine people, I have been attuned to Master/Teacher level in Usui Reiki.

My Reiki Lineage:

During a session, I am shown by Creator the techniques or modalities to utilize for healing to occur. The process is gentle, without detoxifying effects and heals the mind, body and spirit. Sessions may include the use of sound, color, stones, aromatherapy, herbs or movement. All of nature also assists me.

Information is often given that will allow the client to make contact with their own guides and loved ones who have passed on and other spiritual teachings. These options are available at the client's own comfort level, pace and desire. The client is always in total control of how much information is received or how much learning takes place. To do these things is natural, according to how I was taught. I just open the door for those wanting the knowledge.

I work with all life forms and life situations including removing areas of negativity.
I love doing the work and it is such a great blessing to help others.

Story of the Cardinal

Beverly Chapman

I was visiting a friend and was standing in front of their picture window and this cardinal flew right into the window ........ as I looked out the window I saw it tumble down the stairs.

Upon reaching it, I saw its neck was broken........I do not know why it was important that this bird not die because I understand the cycle of life but I was determined it would live, and began to pray.

After a while it revived and I asked my friend to bring me a towel so I would not startle it with my hands. It sat there in my hands for a long while, only to fly away when my friend got too close.

Tatanka Et Mon Ne´

She walks in the clouds
Communing with the Ancients
Moving at the speed of light
She is guided by the Spirits

Carrying on the traditions
Passed from the Elders
Helping, healing, guiding
Those who are in need

The gifts she offers are
Beyond imagining, beyond price
And with her smiling beauty
She walks with us on Earth
Spirit Dancer

This poem was written about Beverly by one of her dearest friends, Spirit Dancer. (Beverly's Indian name is
Tatanka Et Mon Ne´.)