Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit

Beverly Chapman

Chiricahua Apache traditionalist following the ancient ways and teachings

  • Amazing Healing Horses
  • Communicating With All Life Forms
  • Healing For Animals and All Life Situations
  • Intuitive
  • Clearing Areas/People Of Heavy Energies
  • Creating Healing Vortex’s
  • Healing: For Mind, Body, Spirit
  • Life’s Purpose Coach
  • Teacher/Facilitator
  • Reiki Master Teacher-(Reiki Lineage)

“You must speak straight so that your words may go as sunlight into our hearts.
Speak Americans.. I will not lie to you; do not lie to me.”

Cochise Chiricahua Apache

Special Announcements:

New Class - Connecting with Horse

"Connecting with Horse" is a two-day, five-part series on connecting, communicating, healing and becoming an instructor yourself! The class is offered in person at Beverly's farm - and DVDs will be offered in the near future. Class fee is $300 for a limited time, $500 after the introductory offer expires. Learn more on the Classes page!

Sacred Journeys

Journey with Beverly to Sacred Sites including Machu Piccu in Peru! Details can be found on the Classes and Travel pages! Start planning NOW!

New Additions to Healing Horses

Seven new Rescue Babies are now under Beverly's care! Take a look at the beautiful new additions on the Special Events page! And a Special Thanks to

  • Henry Levin
  • Gregg Wright
  • Shawn Mosele
  • Two Dogs
  • Danny Lake

Without their labor of love it would not have been possible to load, for the first time, all these babies, drive 4 hours one way, unload and put out hay, water troughs, and so on! A huge undertaking and uneventful only because of these folks!! GREAT BIG THANK YOU!

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New Book by Beverly!

Spiritual Journeys: A day in the life of a Medicine Woman is now available!
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What Clients Say About Beverly

"Bev helped me to have almost three more years with my beloved dog Charlie. He had cancer almost three years ago and the vets wanted me to put him down. She used her abilities to help heal him and to help me to accept what may happen to him. She used stones, a special copper necklace and oils to help me in his healing. To the vets' surprise his cancer seemed to disappear. They could not explain it medically.

Bev also open up in me my abilities to cure with Reiki.. which I used on Charlie, when his second occurance came with cancer. He lived almost a year more and in that time, we shared many great moments that were made possible because of Bev.

God knew that I was not ready to let him go and that our journey was still to continue. Thank you, Bev, for those years I had left to spend with him before his journey took him away from me."

Gera-Lind Kolarik
Chicago, Illinois

"My work with Beverly has been a transformative experience. Not only has she healed me physically, but she has helped me and shown me how to help myself heal emotionally. Beverly's work is particularly powerful because she brings both an encyclopedic knowledge of healing and extraordinary wisdom to the process. When working with her, it is clear how intensely she cares about her clients and relishes watching them improve and flourish."

Audrey Silver

"Beverly helped me to experience a level of health I long ago stopped believing as possible. While there have been ups, downs and tough times along the way, she helped me to experience what I regard as a miracle. Not only have I experienced vastly improved health, but her work and teachings have helped me to vastly improved relationships with my wife, son, and parents. She also was able to help me in business at a crucial time. I am so grateful she came into our lives and I recommend her to anybody who is experiencing physical or emotional difficulties." Henry Levin

"When Beverly came into my life I was at a crossroads with my healing. After many years of working with talented healers, I had come to a plateau. There seemed to be a place deep inside me that was immovable... a darkness... depression, if you will... that kept me in a chronic state of agitation and dis-ease. Feeling rather hopeless about the situation, I considered going on anti-depressant medication but decided to see where my work with Beverly would take me.

I can honestly say that my work with Beverly has had profound effects on every level — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Beverly has been able to work on the deepest possible healing levels, allowing for the release of entrenched trauma and negativity. She is a healing artist, using her diverse skills to uniquely tailor her work to address her clients’ individual needs. Early in our work together I began to feel the darkness in my core lift, and with each passing day I experience more and more light and warmth stream through me. What I once thought was impenetrable has now markedly shifted. In addition, I am also finding resolution with many health issues, both physical and emotional, that have plagued me for years. Those close to me have commented on my growth saying things like “you are in a much different place now... so much lighter”. My husband, who is typically very skeptical of all healing modalities, has stated he is “blown away” by my progress.

Beverly is not only an extremely caring, compassionate and talented healer but also a teacher in the truest sense of the word. When working with Beverly, a beautiful partnership is formed and complete healing is achieved through full participation of both parties. Beverly encourages the process of self-study, imparting many teachings along the way that empower her clients to learn how to care for themselves and become more self-sufficient. There are few greater gifts in life than to truly be seen by another, and to realize your own innate capacity for healing. Deep healing is but one gift that Beverly imparts. There are others that I can only begin to name now, and I imagine there are many more to come down the road, for the tools that one learns in working with Beverly are applicable for a lifetime.

I will always be infinitely grateful to Beverly for all the healing, learning, and growth I have experienced in working with her."

Vicki Landes
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner

"I "found" Beverly during a dark period of my life. So to say Beverly has changed my life is a vast understatement. Beverly is an incredible teacher, with thankfully, a lot of patience and very giving of herself. I am truly honored to have Beverly as a teacher. I could not imagine walking the spiritual journey I am now on with any other. Her capabilities, knowledge, traditional teachings and constant contact with the spiritual world is amazing. On every level and all realms Beverly is a true inspiration."

Janet Devich
Reiki Practitioner
Owner of DIGS Agility Training Facility
Joliet, IL

"I wanted to do my Reiki 2 whilst on holiday in America last year. Something was telling me I had to do this there. I contacted several people and when Beverly responded I knew that she was the one.I was honoured when she accepted to help me with the Reiki 2. This was last August. It was an incredible experience and helped me make some huge changes in my life. Beverly is always there to answer my questions. I live in the UK and this has never been a problem, as the lessons continued when I got back home via e-mail.
I went through a crisis a few months ago and Beverly helped me with this.( by doing ceremony)
I am also working through the stone course and have found this amazing. I look forward to working more with Beverly and know I have found the right teacher. Beverly has taught me to trust myself and my intuition and to pray which I now do daily.
Thank you Beverly"

Julie Pearson
Reiki Healer

"I have had the privilege to have witnessed many 'miraculous' healings by Beverly Chapman. Beverly has the ability to be in contact with spirit all the time and has access to all information available for complete healing. This is also done without having the typical 'healing crisis'. She has personally been in contact with my spirit guides and have seen her connect and teach others how to contact their's in very few sessions. I also know of cases where incurable cancer or other life-threatening diseases have disappeared. I know from watching Beverly work that anything is possible when one listens to the Creator. I have met many healers, but none with the abilities of Beverly."
Fred Morton

" I had read that we all get the Reiki connection according to our own Karma and inner attitudes. If we are looking for cheating shortcuts or 'easy' and lazy ways of achieving results, we invite being cheated. With this in mind, when I started looking for a Reiki Master, I knew I had found that genuine Reiki connection in Beverly Chapman. She was the only Master I met that is from the pure traditional line who is practicing traditional Reiki, not just claiming it to be so. Also, in her I have found a genuine friend who cares immensely for me and my family and our well being. Always available to help with our physical, emotional, and spiritual matters." Tamanna Kalra
Seer, Palm Reader, Reiki Channel
Round Lake, IL

"I met Beverly five years ago when she lived here in Jacksonville (Florida). My husband and I attended a Health Fair at a healing center in which Beverly was participating. I was assigned to Beverly for a 15-minute healing session using Creator's energy. This was all new to me so I went into it with no expectation and a carefree attitude. Beverly explained that she was the conduit used by Creator to bring Creator's healing energy through her hands to the area of her client's body that was most in need of healing. She also explained that the healing may be on any level-physical, emotional, or spiritual.

A couple of days before this I had a skin cancer removed from the outside corner of my eye and had a black eye as a result. As she began, she placed her hands an inch or so above my eyes and I immediately felt an intense heat over my black eye. My eye also began to itch furiously. The entire 15 minutes she spent with her hands about my eyes. My eye continued to itch like crazy and I was very skeptical about what Beverly had done. Two hours later my husband and I arrived home after running errands. I ran to the bathroom because I was afraid I had rubbed the stitches loose. To my absolute amazement my black eye was completely gone! The itching now made sense because all bruises itch when they are healing and I had just experienced a super-rapid healing. More of Carol's story

Having a background with many things to be healed in all three areas, I decided I wanted to work with Beverly again. I got in touch with her and we spent the next few months working on my issues. She was amazingly intuitive in pinpointing exactly what area I needed to focus on in my life. She never took credit for what she did-she ALWAYS gave credit to Creator reminding me she was the instrument. We also became friends just as she was leaving Jacksonville. We have kept in touch and visited each other several times over the years.

After my father passed away two years ago, I was faced with finally getting to the root of all my pain and life-long self-destructive behaviors. I had spent the last eight years being health-care surrogate to first my mother and then my father. Once they were gone, it was about dealing with me and my life without the "distraction" of taking care of someone else. I fell into a severe, suicidal depression because of facing some very ugly, unspeakable things from my childhood that I had completely subconsciously blocked for forty years and was now consciously aware. It was so severe that I had to take a leave of absence from my job of 19 years.

I called Beverly and told her I needed her help-in person. She invited me to come stay with her in Chicago. Sharing her small apartment with me for a week was an incredibly self-less thing for her to do and I was so grateful. During my time there, Beverly did healing work even when I was not aware. One afternoon we did a "formal" session. During this session I can only describe as the most miraculous event of my life-I experienced TOTAL healing of all the horrible things of my past and of the people who perpetrated these things. It has been four months since that day. I have not experienced one moment of depression or wanting to kill myself. I am at total peace with myself, my past, my family, and returned to work with a vigor that my co-workers have also described as miraculous. In wanting to give Beverly all this credit, she reminds me that it is not her, but Creator through her. I still think she's amazing because she allows herself to be used this way to help her fellow mankind."

Carol McLeod Orso
Educational Consultant
Jacksonville, FL

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