Naadá¸á¸ Naaiska - Dried Corn

Pick field corn just as it gets ripe. The kernels will be sweet and juicy. Remove all but the inner husks, and pull them back and remove the silks.

Return the inner husks to their place, and put the corn on a grill over a fire to roast. Turn them so that they will roast fairly evenly. Some of the husks may burn through and darken the corn kernels in that area.

When the corn is all roasted, set it aside to cool enough to handle. Spread a cloth on a table and set a cutting board on it. Use a large sharp knife and cut the kernels off of the cob. The corn is to be spread out in an even layer on a cloth and left outdoors to dry.

Stir it and spread it out again every few hours. Bring it indoors at night bundled up in the cloth, and spread it out again in the morning. Bring it in in case of the threat of rain, also. It should take several days to dry thoroughly. It can then be stored in a cloth sack or packaged in plastic bags and kept in the freezer.

To make corn soup, put a couple of cups of dried corn in a large pan and fill the pan with water and leave the corn to soak overnight. The next day, add pieces of beef stew meat and some salt and bring it to a boil and simmer for at least 90 minutes, adding extra water if needed.

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