Red Cross Disaster Team:
Florida Hurricane Recovery

I am part of the Disaster Team for the Red Cross and was deployed to the Florida area to help assist with the victims of Hurricane Jeannie. These photos were taken during the first two weeks of October, 2004.(Click on a photo to see a larger version.)

A warning to Hurricane Jeannie-Back Off!
  • A warning for Jeannie!
Roof repairs
  • Roof repairs.
Damage to a boat dock
  • Dock damage.
There were boats that had been swept across 4 lanes of traffic and dropped in yards, lots of roof damage or missing roofs, some homes were demolished completely. It was heartbreaking to see this, but good to see the hundreds of people from all over the US helping!!
Red Cross Workers on the road.
  • Workers on the road.
Damage we found.
  • Damage seen along the road.
Damage to buildings
  • Damaged buildings.
My work there consisted of washing the huge containers of food when they were brought back from the drivers, driving the large Red Cross van delivering food to individuals, community centers, and shelters. Most days we fed hundreds per van.
Beverly and Red Cross Worker with truck.
  • Beverly and Red Cross Team member
  • Washing containers
  • Washing containers
Beverly and Red Cross Disaster Team with 94 year old victim of Hurricane Jeannie One day I did outreach with a 94 year-old woman who had no running water or electricity..........when we left that day she had both!!
More damage to a mobile home park
  • Entrance to mobile home park,
    damaged by Jeannie
Temporary address thanks to Jeannie
  • Jeannie forces residents to find temporary living quarters.
Damage by Jeannie
  • Aftermath of a visit from Jeannie.
Damage from Jeannie
  • Looking down a road after Jeannie leaves her mark.
Damage from Jeannie
  • Damage inflicted by Jeannie.
Hundreds of electric crews work to restore power.
  • Hundreds of electric crews.
Hundreds of electric crews work to restore power.
  • Crews from all over join in the recovery efforts.
By the time I was to leave, most had electricity and running water and they were beginning the massive job of clean up. Finished up and heading home.
  • Headed home.