The Apache and the Comanche

They were on the war path.
They stopped for the night. 
They had built a small windbreak.
When darkness had fallen, they had built a fire.
They were sitting about the fire. 
It being night, they were sitting about pulling
	the intestines out of the rabbits they had killed.

On the other side of this windbreak
	the Comanche were crawling toward them. 

The Comanche [were] their enemies.

Then [one of the Apaches] was taking the insides out of a rabbit. 
He had taken out a mass of these entrails. 
He had thrown them back out there. 
He had hit the Comanche chief right in the face with them.

Then [the chief] laughed. 
And they, [the Apache]heard him. 
They ran away. 
Then nothing had happened to them.
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